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ATWIC:  Alliance for Transportation Working in Communities

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The Alliance

The Alliance is a coalition of stakeholders that have a strong interest in improving transportation accessibility in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  This region-wide coalition is comprised of human service agencies, transportation providers and advocates, workforce development groups, healthcare facilities, government entities, and users of public fixed route, shared ride, and paratransit services.

Alliance participants want to ensure the region’s transportation system works for ALL residents, regardless of where they live, how old they are, their level of income, and any physical, intellectual, or mental disabilities they may have.  Coordinated and guided by ATWIC staff, The Alliance partners work diligently toward attaining a shared vision of “an integrated regional network of transportation services and facilities that provide measurable improvements for greater freedom of mobility for all.”    

2016 Activities

  • Implementation of the federally-mandated Southwestern Pennsylvania Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Plan (CTP) was a focus area in 2016.
  • The Alliance decided initially to address one of the five top transportation barriers identified in the CTP in the area of Program Policies and Regulations.
  • Similar to the CTP development process, the Alliance conducted extensive outreach in all ten counties to determine which policies and regulations, if modified, could positively impact human services transportation (HST) in the region.
  • These face-to-face group sessions resulted in the completion of more than 150 Policies and Regulations Assessment forms, which included 26 statements divided among six HST-related categories.
  • Three additional Alliance meetings held in 2016 provided the opportunity to further identify and prioritize the proposed program policy and regulation changes for legislative consideration in 2017.

If you would like to become a member of The Alliance, please email Kathy Stefani at kstefani@spcregion.org

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